Juventus receive Higuain and now they need to improve the defense

Juventus receive Higuain and now they need to improve the defense of the team. The team needs to strengthen the center of the field and the defense.
In the summer, Juventus had a good transfer campaign, but it was not enough to win the champion title. The main problem of the club is the lack of stability in the defense, which is the reason for the fact that the team does not always score the decisive goals.

The team’s results in the domestic championship are not the best, and the team needs strengthening in the following areas:
1. The defense. The club needs to improve its defense, because the team”s main competitors are very good in this area.
2. The midfield. The Argentinean Messi is the main star of the game, but the team has a lot of other players who can replace him.
3. Higuaín. The player is still young, and he needs to learn how to play in the team, as well as how to improve his game.
The club’ goal is to win at least the Champions League. The last time Juventus won the European Cup was in 1990. The previous time, the team won the Cup was the year of the Munich air disaster.
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Latest Results of Turin Football Match
The season of the Italian championship is now in full swing. The teams are playing against each other, and it is now very important to count on the results. The fans are expecting a lot from the teams, and they can be sure that they will not miss anything important.
As for Juventus, the club has a very good transfer policy, and this is one of the reasons for the good results of this team. In the summer the team received:
* Higuaina;
* De Ligt;

* Di Maria.
This list of players is not the only one, but there are many more players who will help the team to improve their results.
At the moment, the main problem for the team is the instability of the defense in the middle of the line. The Juventus team needs stability and stability in defense, otherwise it will be very difficult to win trophies in the Italian league.
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Football Results of the Season in Italy
The Italian championship has just started, and already it has already become clear that the teams are very strong and have a lot to show. The first rounds of the championship are already attracting a lot attention, and now the fans can follow the progress of the teams.
Among the main favorites of the season, there are:
• Inter;
• Napoli;
· Roma;
These are the main teams of the Serie A, and their fans are waiting for the decisive matches. The Italian championship will be really interesting, because there will be a lot in it.
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Main Favorites of the Current Season
The first rounds have already shown that the main favorite of the tournament is Juventus. The Turin club has already won the Champions Cup, and many fans are looking forward to the next season.
However, the Juventus team is not an easy one to follow, because many of its players leave the club. The most famous of them are:

* De Ligue 1 players:
* Messi, Ronaldo, Di Maria;
* Juventus fans:
* De Rossi, De Jong;
The list goes on and on, and there are a lot more players.
It is now extremely important for the club to strengthen its defense and to improve other areas of the performance. The coach, who is famous for his attacking football, has to find a way to make the team play more responsibly and to score the goals. The fact that many of the players leave Juventus is a big problem for this team, and fans are hoping that the club will find a solution to it.
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Upcoming Games of Juventus
The Juventus team has many problems, but they are not serious problems. The problem of this club is that it does not have a stable and long-term coach. The current coach is very young, so he needs time to find his game, and his players need time to adapt to him. The players are not used to playing with a new coach, so they often do not perform to the level they want.
Juventus has a good squad, but this does not guarantee victory in the tournament. The problems of the squad are the lack stability in attack and defense, and a lack of motivation.
There are a number of interesting matches ahead of the Juventus, and here the fans will be able to watch the performance of the main rivals of the title.

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