Tony Pulis pleased with Crystal Palace’s development work

The Eagles have a busy transfer window, which will see the following players join the squad:
* Sesia;
* Kante;
* Foden.
The first two players are already a part of the starting lineup, while the latter is expected to be a good addition to the team.

The club is also very active in the transfer market, which is reflected in the fact that the players who have joined the team are young and have already managed to get into the first team. The most obvious candidate for the first squad is Sesía, who joined the Eagles from the Royal club Ajax.
It is also worth mentioning the arrival of the young Belgian, who is already a good player, but needs to get used to the level of the Premier League.
In addition to Sesi, the club also made a number of important acquisitions, which have already started to show themselves on the field.
Among them are:
Kante, who has already managed a number goals in the Premier league.
Sesia, who also managed to score a number.
3. *Foden, who was a part in the team for a long time.
4. The arrival of Kenedy, who will be a great addition to a team that is already very strong.
All these players have already made an impact on the team, and the team is expected not to stop there.
Crystal Palace’s transfer campaign is already developing at a good pace. The club has already signed a number players, among which are: 1. Sesiya, who joins the team from the Netherlands. 2. Kenedi, who came to the club from the Chelsea. 3. Fodeni, who comes from the Ajax. 4. De Jong.
These players are the main acquisitions of the club for the current season.
However, the Eagles have also signed a few players, who are still not in the squad. Among them are the following:
• Ndidi;
• *Kane;
and *Yarmolenko.
This list is not complete, but it is enough to show that the club is active in all the transfer markets.
Team’s prospects for the new season
Crystal has a busy season ahead, and it is very important for the club to win the Premier title. The team has a number young players who can become a real star in the future.
There are several players who are already showing their potential, and they are the most obvious candidates for the starting line-up. Among the others are:

* Sessi;
* * Kened;
and * Fodi.
Sessi is a player who is able to become a key player of the team in the long run. He is a young player who has a lot of potential, but he needs to be more focused and focused on the Premier.
Kenedi is also a player with a lot potential, although he needs time to adapt to the Premier, as well as Fodi needs to improve his game.
Of course, the main priority for the Eagles is to win, and this is reflected on the transfer campaign.
They have already signed several players, and now it is time to show their potential.
Main transfers of the season
The team has already started the transfer season, and several players have joined it. Among these are: Sessiya, Kened, Fodena, and Kened.
Most of the players joined the club at the same time, but the latter has already made a significant impact on his team. He managed to make a number in the first half of the championship, and he is now a key member of the Eagles.
After the first rounds, the team has managed to win several matches, and these results have already been confirmed by the fans.
A number of players have also managed a good start in the league, and their results have been good enough to be considered as a real success. Among those players are: Kenediya, Sessia, Fodi, and De Jong, who managed to show a good game in the opening rounds.
At the moment, the players are showing a good level of performance, and there is no doubt that they will be able to continue this level of play in the upcoming matches.
Favorites of the Champions League
The main rival of the Crystal Palace is Manchester United. The Red Devils have a number advantages over the Eagles, which are the:
· Long bench;
· Long bench.
If the team manages to win all the matches it will be considered a real triumph.
Now, the season of the English Premier League is in full swing, and a lot has already been said about the favorites of the tournament.
As for the main favorites, it is worth highlighting the following teams:
Manchester City;
Each of these teams has a long bench, which allows them to play a lot and to make quick substitutions.
Fans can always follow the results of the matches of these clubs on the sports statistics website.

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